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Best Friends Animal Society

Adopt Don’t Shop



To encourage Americans to adopt, not buy, their next pet in order to reduce the unwanted pet population in shelters, and thus decrease euthanasia. Actress Rachelle Lefevre was involved in the campaign.


- PSA, online and print, entitled “Adopt, Donate, Shop” starring Rachelle Lefevre around Puppies Aren’t Products
– Website and tools for local membership networks to work local TV and radio/web for the PSA. Besides TV/radio the PSA was in outdoor locations
-Access Hollywood ran a monthly adoption segment with Best Friends ambassadors
– Rachelle, along with many other ambassadors, attended events for the public and major donors, and spoke about the campaign in their regularly scheduled press interviews
– Rachelle tweeted and posted on Facebook regularly on the topic



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What We Do

Celebrity Engagement

Using a rigorous five-step process, we first undertake a needs assessment and prepare and present a recommended celebrity action plan which includes a timeline and budget. Next, we utilize our extensive research capabilities to uncover celebrities who have an authentic connection to your cause and who might be willing to partner with you. We then use our network of industry relationships to cultivate participation by the celebrities, manage the engagement and measure the results to ensure we accomplish your goals.

Cause Entertainment Integration

We will identify, cultivate and manage cause entertainment integration with film, television, music, sports and online properties including cause placement in production and cross-marketing campaigns. As with Celebrity Engagement, Cause Entertainment Integrations will amplify your existing campaigns by taking serious subjects and wrapping them up in entertaining packages to achieve measurable results for you.


With more than 30 years in the entertainment industry – spanning film, television, music, sports and online platforms – we’ve created compelling content with award-winning social cause campaigns, capturing the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide. We apply our creative talents and expertise to your cause, producing, marketing and distributing content such as film, video, albums, and concerts.

Entertainment Consulting

As a trusted partner, we will advise you on all aspects of entertainment as they relate to areas that impact your success, including cause marketing, marketing, advocacy, board development, production and music.

Celebrity Philanthropy Advising

Using our decades of knowledge, experience and networks, we confidentially make philanthropic recommendations and connections for celebrities, then manage the relationships and measure the results. By supporting celebrities in this way, their passion and visibility can lead to a better world, while still balancing career, reputation and personal life.



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